Training Manager

San Antonio, Texas Training

The Training Manager will coordinate, organize, and implement all training programs at one of our 4 locations in the San Antonio Metro Area. You will be responsible for communicating with all trainers and training managers at other locations to ensure a world class training experience for all new teammates and future leaders.

  • Maintain Training Schedule for Texas Sites: This is to be worked on daily to ensure transparency with other departments
  • Update all Spreadsheets for rosters for US and Philippines LMS Team: This is to be worked on daily, as employees are added or deleted.
  • Create Requisitions for New Training Staff: This includes updated job descriptions, duties and pay ranges
  • Interview for New Training Staff: This should include interview questions regarding skill set and culture
  • Onboard Training Staff: Complete overview of TaskUs culture and Job expectations                       
  • Set Job Expectations with Training Staff: This includes all policies and procedures for training staff
  • Grade Training Staff on Training Skill Sets: This is where the KPI’s are assessed and measured
  • Develop Training Staff and Leadership with education and certifications: In the area of continued education, trainer are expected to take classes/certs
  • Observe Training Staff during training classes: To maintain excellence in their performance, observations will be conducted
  • Provide Positive and Constructive Feedback: Coaching and mentoring for each trainer for improvements and praise
  • Provide KPI’s and standards for each quarter for Training Staff: This is setting goals for each trainer quarterly
  • Provide tools/resources to assist in excellent training material creation: Give access to all resources to maintain job function
  • Document information on each Training Staff Member: Maintain electronic records to each trainer
  • Receive and analyze training evaluation forms for each class: Look for trends and patterns to help improve the training department
  • Create and maintain training methodologies for training department: Find innovative ways to enhance the training experience
  • Develop training courses to further educate current employees: To further educate our employees for possible higher positions
  • Maintain strong communication with Recruiting and Operations: Co-create a strong cycle from pipeline to production
  • Facilitate External Trainings from PH and Headquarters


  • Five years of training experience
  • Ten years of management experience
  • Five years of BPO Experience
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong Skills to work in a fast-paced environment
  • Strong coaching and mentoring skills
  • Strong will to learn and adapt to quick change
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office and Google Suite applications required
  • Strong, confident, and effective verbal and written communication skills are required.
  • Strong interpersonal, conflict management, and mentoring skills
  • Ability to work on a flexible schedule including weekends, holidays, evenings, and long hours.
  • High energy, enthusiastic, motivational training style
  • Strong organizational, planning, project management, problem resolution, communication, presentation, facilitation, influencing skills required.

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